Uma imagem arredondada de um jovem. Ele tem cabelos castanhos e usa uma barba longa. É o Rafael da Guia!

Programmer e Designer

Rafael da Guia Sousa

Age: 26 anos
Marital Status: Solteiro
Native Brazilian
Street Miguel Sutil, 114. Vila Santana. Sorocaba-SP – Brazil
(15) 99121-7779 /

Language and Comunication


Spoken, listen, read and write



Listen and read


I’m 26 years age and I started my actuation with computing at age 16. Since then, I provide services to individuals and companies. For example: maintence of high-tech eletronic devices, content management and creation and computer teacher. I held the position of computer teacher in the NewWork School between the years of 2014 and 2016, focusing on the teaching of Digital Marketing and basic and advanced information technology.

In 2016 I graduated in Digital Marketing from Illinois University. I have experience with the position of Public Relations and Content Manager in Random Act, inc. organization, where I worked between 2011 and 2015 as Cordinator of yours projects in Brazil, as well performing as management and content creator roles for social movements and Non-governamental organizations.


System Analisys and Development

Fatec – Sorocaba

2018 – in progress

Digital Marketing and Web Development Especialization

Illinois University

2014 – 2016

Web Development Technician

Microcamp Tecnologia

2005 – 2007

High School

ETEC Rubens de Faria e Souza

2005 – 2007


Owner, Developer and Designer

RG – Comunica

2016 – 2017

Digital Marketing, Design, Programming and Computing Teacher

New Work – Cursos Profissionalizantes

2014 – 2016

Social Educator and Communication Manager

Associação Pode Crer

2013 – 2014 / 2016 – 2017

Web Developer

Molime – Agência de Publicidade




Server Configuration, development, translation and configuration of themes and plugins.


Logos development, WebSites development, creating and editing images.


Development and modifications in PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and Shell Script

SEO/Search Engines

Property and Display settings, promotions and online events tracking.